The Esks/Bombers game ended in a 39-39 tie.

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I think ties are fine. But the CFL overtime system is complete junk. Its not even all that entertaining...

The overtime is fine. It's to prevent the game from going for another hour. Bombers and Esks both failed in good opportunities to win that game, fitting it ended in a tie.

I have no problem with ties.
However they didn’t play 2-overtime periods they had 2 overtime scrimages

You guys are wrong.
The CORRECT answer: ties are bull****. Play until someone wins. One or two extra overtimes won't kill anyone and each are only about 5-7 plays anyway.

I agree with the weird one , they should play until one team scores. The way the CFL has overtime set up is a joke.

I have a fan!(an astute one at that)

Why make a poll if you are going to argue about the results?

The CFL overtime has to differ from the NFL system because of the rouge. As much as I enjoy the aspect of the single point, I'd hate to see overtime end NFL style because of it.

You're misunderstanding my beef: the structure of overtime is fine, I just think that they should keep playing until someone wins.

What does the rouge have to do with it? They should play until one team scores. Doesnt matter if its a rouge, FG or TD. Anything but the system they have now.

They should have a field goal shootout. First team to miss loses.

Starts at the 35 and moves back 5 yards till one team misses.

No, that sounds like the NHL and their shootout. Maybe the teams could play a 10 minute OT with only 11 men on the field too(just like 4 on 4). The teams would aslo get a point for tying in regulation time... :roll: :lol: :lol:

Why not get the two qb's to indian leg wrestle? OOps first nations people wrestling.

George Chuvalo never got knocked down in his career. Canadians are tough. Keep playing. or make the head coaches have a skills contest at centre field ( 100 yd.dash, field goal contest, throwing accuracy contest, fastest one to put on and take off football equipment). Imagine-- Popp against Taft, Pinball against Austin, Buono against Machoochoo. What entertainment- hell, cancel the real game this would be better than WWF.

How often does a tie occur? I think you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

it may not happen very often, but even tho birds don't **** on ur head very often, u still get pissed when it does happen

Its better than a loss...

The NFL over-time system is... WORSE then the CFL system.

The CFL system is good, it should likely go 3 rounds instead of 2 but that is the only real issue.

A sudden death OT would be and is horrible with the team receiving the kickoff just needing to get to the say 35-40 and kicking a field goal.

I could see a few interesting changes to the system, but right now it is very good all that is needed is a 3rd series.

yeah sure it's: "ONLY 7 plays" when are players most likely to get hurt? early in a game or late in a game?

The answer is late in the game, keeping it going until someone wins could lead to bad bad injuries especially along the DL/OL. Even 7 plays extra is alot that could cause big injuries. Yes Injuries happen, but having players having to go through say 3 long defence or offencive series extra is horrible, if it's 2 and outs that is nothing, but if it's a long series which can be up to 12 plays(if Penalties don't make it longer) + PAT.

do that 3 times that is 36 extra plays possible + Pats + possible Penalty extension(like 2 10 yard sacks followed by a roughing the Passer = 5 yard loss but first down)

Possibility of 36 extra plays for the guys on the line is a very very dangerous idea. Right now it's like 24 max extra. Unlimited is well unlimited extra time.

How about Toronto and Hamilton test out an unlimited OT next week and play a nice long game of 6 hours of un-ending football. lol, won't bug me in the least.

ALSO there are Television considerations, right now the TSN can basicly garantee when games will end except playoffs however with the idea of no limit to OT, games could conceivably go an extra 30-40 minutes a sort of un-certainty that is not favored for Television/Radio coverage. Especially as that extra time should have no commercial time-outs.

I have a different take (I'm wearing my EE shirt btw)...Get rid of overtime and just let the game be a tie after 4 quarters.

  1. CFL players already play more downs than the NFL, so you have more of a game after 60 minutes than we do down here in the states.

  2. The tie mixes up standings at the end of the season so that tiebreakers aren't so necessary.

  3. The tie (or draw, rather) is a traditional football result, and the CFL is all about old-school football.

  4. A gimmicky, baseball-esque overtime shouldn't decide all the credit given in a single game.

If this can't happen, then I'd rather see the CFL adopt a 3-point system (3 for reg win, 2 for OT win, 1 for OT loss, 0 for reg loss), and play sudden-death. If overtime is going to be gimmicky anyways, why not make it so we see a triple kick?