Tied for first!

remember…yeah we’ll remember alright… when the stumps come to the PEG…we have a little talking to do to Clark and company…Brian seemed to have a lot to say about Winnipeg when we played you last…i.m sure we’re going to have a little chat with our former golden boy and the rest of the stumps… :lol: :lol:

Everyone remember 2001? Wpg was on top and almost gauranteed to win the Cup that year against a mediocre Stamps team prior to the playoffs. This year the roles will maybe be reversed and hopefully so will the result!!

Well like the Lions the Stamps seem to get good bombers as well. Clark is the real thing it is to bad he is no longer on the bomber team. Yes he prefers Calgary over Winnipeg so do many people lately! Big deal Dad! All I can say is that last game of theseason could be very difficult for your team if they do not get their football act going!

Unfortunatey every team in east stinks, the west is by far superior except the esks...and the ticats might be the best in the east by seasons end...to little to late

If it was the Bisons red05, Alberta was on the wrong end of the score…come to Manitoba, and Bombers will kick your butts back to Stumpville…

...oh i think we'll do a lot better than a lot of people think....it was sure nice to get the Mont. monkey off of our backs....Tune-up game for the Als....haw haw haw...I guess we proved one thing...Never try to use us for a leg-up,,,our you might come up 78% short.... :wink:

What you guys are on what a one game winning streak! :lol: :lol: :lol:

…that is a streak in the east…where you been… :lol:

Sorry dad I think I enhaled some of the Bombs away stuff!

OK, Boys and Girls, great win for the Bombers, and it's get we are tied for first with Mon and TO, however, in the interest of the league and Winnipeg, I hope the BB finishes up in 3nd place, so we will not be embarrassed by not many people showing up at the East Final or Semi, or at the Grey Cup because Winnipeggers can't go to both, and because I would like to share the love with the Big O and Rogers Center, and because the BB have a win against each team when they play at home. :simle:

so I hope by the end of the season, the East standings will look like this.

  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Hamilton

that way WPG can shock everyone by beating both TO and Mon, and go the the Grey Cup to beat either Calgary or Saskatchewan, and win the first GC for Winnipeg in 16 years!

Very soon 05, the Bombers will hit their stride, they are not quite there yet, but in a couple weeks they will be as healthy as they have been all year, just in time for the rematch.

Not trying to add some more points at the end and prefering to kneel down was a smart Doug Berry move. A fumble or a blocked field goal attempt might have resulted in an Alouettes victory. Then Berry would have looked really stupid.

And, anyways, the Als beat the Bombers by so many points early on in the season that it is pretty doubtful WInnipeg would could get the points advantage should both teams tie it up.

So being greedy was unecessary. Berry did the right move: secure the win.

Congrats Winnipeg. We'll try to play that same trick on you this Friday.