Tied for first!

I doubt we could have done it to any other team (except maybe Edmonton) given our lack of red zone production and terrible kicking today, but it's nice to see the Bombers pick up another win and move into a three way tie for first. This should be an exciting finish in the East this year. Better luck next week to the Als fans.

Go Bombers!

It seems like a comedy out east. No one really earning that first place. Congradulations to the bombers for going into Montreal and getting the win.

Winnipeg's Defence looked great today, or Montreal' Offence was pathetic.

Either way, I don't think the game was as close as the score indicated. Once Montreal got control, and a HUGE chance deep in Bomber territory, after that bad handoff the Roberts, Montreal fumbles, and Charles Roberts ran wild on Montreal, with 3 carries for 78 yards.

As good as Montreal's Defence played today, I feel as though our their Defensive Coordinator is a bit slow... I mean, you saw the blitz getting shredded by those short passes, and after 1 full quarter of dump plays by Winnipeg, you would think Montreal would lay off the blitz, but no.

Offensively. Well, you can see that things aren't going so well, if Ben Cahoon drops balls. But what I don't get, is why did Lapoint only get a couple of carries, when they were great runs.

To me, Montreal's player of the game was Avon Cobourne.

Wow. I just got a bunch more grey hair after that game. Winnipeg seemed to be trying hard to hand the game to Montreal, but luckily Montreal could not capitolize.
Three way tie for first, and a huge game next week in Winnipeg

Go Blue!

BTW : Did anyone notice how Berry decided not to run up the score at the end, and just got Glenn to take the Knee?

Part of me would have loved to have seen the look on Matthews face if the Bombers had decided to bang it in.

In the end the 2 points is revenge enough (and hopefully 2 more coming)

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And why exactly would that be needed?

that was definately a nailbiting game. congrats bombers on the win! they haven't won in montreal since 2001.

re-redandwhite-It seems like a comedy out east. No one really earning that first place. Congradulations to the bombers for going into Montreal and getting the win. It seems the more things change the more they stay the same :oops:

I was surprised to see Glen tak a kneee as well.
That could come back to haunt them because if Wpg wins next week the season series will be tied. If Mtl and Wpg end up tied at the end of the season, points for and against in the series will be the tie breaker

Ro you are right that was pretty stupid! ANother bad coaching decision for sure!

Actually it was not stupid. Right now Montreal is playing with no emotion, and 2 points are becoming easy against them. Why piss the team off that we play again next week? Let em sleep right through the season I say

Thats right Go Blue, don't put the ball in play...secure the win, like we all say, anythin can happen in the CFL...Cheers to the Bombers..

The WEST is getting close as well , thanks to CALGARY and SASK. +[WALLY] :wink:

Congrats to your team on kicking the ARGOS butt.

Lets see what happens in the re-match at the DOME! :wink:

Well it seems Wally never disappoints he is always good for two or three loasses because of a coaching decision! The Stamps and rider are in the rearview mirror you can not at this time of the year have coaches screw up! Sorry Wally that is a fact how many
GC's could have Calgary won in the 90's but hey his record stands for itself I guess!

...nice win by the BigBlue...sorry to ruin your predict. there red my son....but you should really key up that 'crow' ...cuz eventually i'm gonna get you to eat it...lol...Bombers are gonna stick it to a few more teams this year before its done..the majority of people picked the Als. to get back on track with this game :lol: ....looks like the don and his gang got derailed.... :rockin:goBigBlue

Well dad I see you are being a little stubborn, I bought this for you and piggy! To be first in the east is nothing to be proud of now is it!
Use this so you can get use to the taste!

We'll load are Cannons with horse shot, when the Stumps come to town...won't take much to knock the Stumpeders off there high horse..Go bombers..

Hmmm Hank did the bombers show up to McMahon Stadium! I can not remember or was that the Bisons we played! :lol:

....yup ...taste alright ...the sweet taste of victory....take a look my son who's sitting on top of the east.....we'll just enjoy that taste....oh how sweet it is...lol lol :lol: :lol: :thup: