Tied for 1st in the league....

rlr > The Riders were in first place missing several key players as well which was just as amazing. Now they're not. Lions weren't in first place, now they are.

If the Riders beat the Lions this week are you gonna trot out injuries as an excuse? Or are you going to man up and say injuries are part of the game?

Shut up about injuries already. It isn't amazing. Every football team has to deal with injuries. I'm sick of you using injuries as an excuse when you lose then boasting about winning with injuries. No one cares. It is a played out storyline.

And we might have won the East last year had Glenn not been injured four games, or Arland Bruce would've been tackled, or Mike Sellors didn't play for the Redskins and John Ryan wasn't punting for Green Bay.

Get real!

are you forgetting that montreal killed you guys and they edit!!!
go blue

lol please dont tell me your serious when you say winnipeg has peaked. our defence is just getting going baby. lol watch as they climb the ladder.

wow rlr your 68 but i dont know if DD could do anything i think you guys should stay with jarious jackson or buck peirce they are younger and more athletic....

WPG is in first place.

You're still upset about this site's mods?

No doubt Winnipeg is better than BC right now. I just can't wait until they meet in a few weeks.

Winnipeg looks good this year, no doubt. They haven't shown me much in the last 17 years to lead me to believe that this is their year. Last Grey Cup in 1990. Kind of like the Riders, seeing is believing.

Let's wait until the playoffs to see if they can get it done.

RLR, biggest difference since 1990 is the money used to buy teams. SK and Winnipeg just never have had a level playing field. Now they do and things seem to be changing. Will it hold? Who knows. But it is much more interesting now than it has been for a long time for both prairie teams.

The last 17 years are irrelevant for both Winnipeg and Ssk!

no kidding!!

...all the more reason why Asper as owner of the Bombers is a good idea.....you never know when the sms is going to fall apart....hopefully it won't ...but there are no gurantees.. :wink: it would be nice to still be able to get into the game for 'big' name players with someone who commands a little cash... :wink: