Tied for 1st in the league....

...more importantly, #1 in the west with a beat down on TO!!

Go Lions!

It's pretty amazing when you think of it. I can't think of another team that would be in first place in their division with what the Lions have incurred.

Regarding tonight's game, I thought the 40-7 score actually flattered Toronto. With Geroy fumbling on the 2 yard line, and the Argos only TD coming off a 50 yard pass interference call, the Lions could've pitched a pretty big shutout win tonight. Jarius Jackson made Bishop look like the third stringer tonight. What a game by our defence too, topped off by BJ's touchdown. Just add another pick to Phillips list, he's on his way to being defensive player of the year.

First place once again, damn it feels good.

Forgot to add, Joe Smith for MOP.

Just wait until the Lions are healthy, I think we run away with first and host our fourth straight Western Final.

Although both teams are tied for first overall, BC might be the best team because of 3 reasons. First, BC is on top of the west division which is stronger than the east. Winnipeg faces more weak opponents. Secondly, BC is #1 in both points scored and fewest points allowed. Third, Winnipeg has already peaked while BC has greater upside potential to improve from health of players.

Amen brother.

Winnipeg is 4-1 against BC, Sask, and Montreal.
BC is 2-3 in those same games.

So you can talk about weaker opponents all you want, but i'd rather look at the team who can beat the best teams, and that is Winnipeg.

You beat the Lions by 1 point against our third string QB, congrats. You've also lost to Hamilton and Edmonton. I wouldn't get too cocky Bomber fans, you're having a great season but it can all come crashing down in the blink of an eye.

Remember last year's playoffs?

You're 12 years old, aren't you? Really. How old are you? 13? 14? Come on humor us.

Actually it was Buck Pierce we beat in that game.

Sorry, back-up QB. My bad.

Nice response.

I'm serious. How old are you?

He is a witty eighty year old! What difference does his age have to do with it? Other then his posts are a bit different.Thats get this over with RLR it matters that your top players are out do to injuries.

Doesn’t matter if you win by 1 point, or by 100 points, either way you still get the 2 points - which is what we got when WPG played BC.

I’m not being cocky (and we actually have some right to be!). I’m just arguing the post that WPG is less than BC because we play in the East. The best teams beat the best teams. Winnipeg has done that.

Gonna be a good game here on the 5th, I’m looking forward to it.

As am I. Yes, a win's a win, but I'm pretty confident we would have beaten you that game with Dickenson at the pivot. Doesn't matter now, it's over with. Both teams are good, BC has proven they are good and can get it done in the playoffs. Now it's Winnipeg's turn to show that they're not pretenders.

I'm a 68 year old male. What else do you want to know? If I like candle-lit dinners or long walks on beaches?

BC has a tough test ahead of them. Going in to Saskatchewan, home against Calgary, then into Winnipeg. We'll have a better idea of the Lions after these games.

I think the entire season has been a tough test given what's happened with a few particular players. The good thing for Lions fans is we know what our team is made of. We're first in the West missing some very key players, it's pretty amazing if you ask me.

No-one asked you.

I see ro's very productive on these forums once again. Enjoy your last days of being a moderator.