tie goes to the receiver

When is the last you saw a receiver and a db catch the ball at the same time? Now when is the last time you saw it happen twice in one game?

Great catches by both Clermont and Thurmon last night.

Yep - and excellent calls by the refs on those catches as well. . .

Yes they were the right calls.!

the Thrumon one was pass interference. hehehe. But it was. And he still caught it.
Good calls for the possesion though

just got to get that stereotype going

Just like in base ball.....a tie goes to the runner.

That's funny, I said exactly that when I was watching the game: how it almost never happens, and I explained to those with me that a tie would go to the receiver.

Kind of embarrassing that Leif Petterson and that other guy didn't seem to know it. Nor did they know that it was an intentional grounding call that was waved off because an eligible receiver was in the vicinity, until I guess someone off the air explained it to them. They've gotta get some better people.

I was also wondering how they didn't that the flag was thrown for intentional grounding? They're not very knowledgable.