Tidbits from Regina

The return of Andy Fantuz has one Regina reporter referring to the game as "The Cereal Bowl."

Riders are favoured by 4 pts.

The Cats have NEVER won a game at Mosaic Stadium. The greenies have won 11 straight over HAM in the stadium. The last time the Tiger-Cats won in Regina was in 2000 before the stadium name-change from Taylor Field. The winning QB in that game was Danny McManus. The losing QB was Henry Burris.

The daily average number of people visiting the Canadian Football Hall of Fame -- 4.


Yes but in those losses we did not have teh great coach Cortez and great QB / recievers Burris , FANTUZ, WILLIAMS

Thanks for that...an interesting read. :thup:

Some things that JUMPED OUT AT ME...

"Average daily attendance at the Canadian football Hall Of Fame...4" Disgusting...we need, as Canadians and as CFL fans to get that "Hall" a better location...the Hamilton airport makes sense to me!

"Respect the Fans of All Teams"...that is something that should be prominent in all CFL stadiums. Anyone who has attended the tailgates at Scott Park will attest that we enjoy the good natured rivalry...and welcome them to our stadium. It seems the only time we have problems is when they get to their their seats in the stadium and the "liquored up knuckle dragging neanderthals" get running off their mouths. :thdn: These visiting fans are "money paying guests" in OUR HOUSE and some fans just don't seem to "get it". After all it is OUR LEAGUE.

The comment about "customers paying for tickets to teams the continually put a losing product on the field"...I really don't think we have that problem in "OUR LEAGUE", when compared to the price paid for tickets to see the "Leafs". :lol:

Anyway, I hope that we see a well attended Grey Cup and more people recognize the history and importance of CANADA'S "Mardi Gras".

I like this tidbit..
"* The Calgary Sun's Ian Busby points out Burris is on pace to break Doug Flutie's single-season touchdown record of 48."

yes, it is only 4 games in, but you never know. :cowboy: