How can I obtain decent seats for an Alouettes
game? Is there a StubHub type of site for the CFL? I love visiting Montreal and miss the Expos. I've been watching the Als every chance I get on DirectTV but would like to see them in person but not from the endzone!

Forget it then. Out of 20,000 tickets 18,000 are season tickets.

You could try a scalper or wait till the end of Oct when they play Edmonton at the big O

Usually you can buy thru Admission website (Ticketmaster affiliate).

Tickets were on sale beginning of May

You can still try, but not sure you'll get decent seats...unless you want to see the game @ Big O ! :wink:

Scalpers sometimes have decent seats, but its a long shot to make the trip to Montreal without the certainty you'll get your tickets.

stubhub has als ticket starting at 45usd