What's cookin'...

scalpers are .. trying to rip us off.

We got around 9,500 more to go to sellout the playoff game.

Thats rough, I hope you guys pull it out since you got a good lookin' team too.

I'm not too worried about it, paychecks come out on Friday (well except for the US Steel workers...that's just a damn shame) and that should boost sales. Plus I'm sure we'll get some of the Village People from Toronto coming down.

I'm kinda scarda Hammertime...

Any updates?

There are 3,802 left for Argos-Cats.

hey, Riders ain't sold out either. Hope both do though!

And they sure gotta heck of a game.

Was it a sell out?

Neither game sold out. Hamilton got 27 and change, Saskatchewan got about 29,200. Embarrassing to sell out the entire season and not the playoff game, but at least the game was watched by the real fans this week. Just goes to show that they are still bandwagon fans out there.

The Regina non sellout is definitely a surprise.
What happened there?

About 800 broken ankles. We need the bandwagon fans to completely sell out, which may come as a shock to some. I'm guessing the 4 game losing streak put off those partial fans from buying tickets. There's really no other reason that I can come up with, weather was fine, not as good as last year but still pretty good for Nov 14th in Saskatchewan.

Well here's hoping for big crowds in Calgary and Montreal this coming weekend.

That is surprising, but like anywhere else you have the bandwaggoners.
It's too bad those people call themselves fans. A fan is short for fanatic, through think and thin, you're still with your team.

I was pretty disappointed to see empty seats, there is no excuse, BUT, there are some factors that would help on the prairies, and likely everywhere in the future:

  • pewee / kids hockey...stop making a schedule that has a Sunday game in November. Lots of no shows because of this. Family comes first.
  • weather, why are we not starting the game a month earlier. I will go almost any weather, but not so for many. I know many people, especially some older people with aged joints and what not, that simply can not sit outside for 4 hours in this weather.

Grey Cup should be Oct 28, not November 28. it was like +12 in Regina a few weeks ago. We could see -30 for the championship game. We can see minus and snow at the end of October, but extremely unlikely to ever really break -15, and more likely to be just above freezing. The 1st 2 weeks of the playoffs would be above freezing almost for sure.

It would also eliminate the need for a dome.

It's disappointing, but with the colder weather everyone bundles up warm and takes up extra space so it still looked full. The noise was still there, it's just too bad they couldn't sell it out.

after many many decades of having the Grey Cup in November, they are NOT going to change the game to be at the end of October NOW.

real true fans of the CFL, don't whine and bitch about things like this.. we have lived with it our entire lives.