Can anyone in the forum tell me when single game tickets go on sale to the public for the Riders, Gades and Bombers? I’m gonna be in those cities when I travel across Canada at the end of August and want to get tickets for the Lions vs Riders, Lions vs Gades and Riders vs Bombers.

I can’t tell you that …but it is a great idea to travel your country and see games in some cities. I have been to all of them…even the BIG O…it is allot of fun.

But if you e-mail each team they will be very helpful as they were with me.

Alouette tickets go on sale Wednesday!!!

I thought all the Al’s games were always sold out to season ticket holders…Do they hold some back to sell on a game to game basis?

Yeah the Als only allow 17500 season tickets I think and sell a few thousand each game to the public, even though they also have thousands of people on a season ticket waiting list.