I am from the BC Interior and I and three friends want to get to some games this summer. We go every year but this year it seems hard to find tickets in any good areas. We want to get to Edmonton July 6th but if i look for 4 tickets together its in the endzones and if we look for 2 and 2. both sets dont get any results. Does anyone know where and how to get good seats for games?

Seven Eleven

Often Ticketmaster's system does not show the best tickets available. I would call the Lions directly (604-589-ROAR) and you will get a much better idea of what's available for the July 6 game.

With over 22,000 season ticket holders there is slim pickings between the goallines in the lower bowl but there should still be something to your liking.

The good news is you will also avoid Ticketmaster service charges. They will either mail them to you or you can pick them up at will call on game day.

I don't think the Lions sell directly to the public (other than for existing season ticket holders). I could be mistaken though. Try calling them.

I have purchased tix from ticket master and they can be very helpful if you get the right person. I think you need to speak to someone who is willing to spend the time to search for four seats in two rows since it sounds like four seats in one row is not showing up. The row-splitting option won't appear online.

7-11 is also an option but I don't think you can get 4 seats together. I've never bought from 7-11 but my understanding is you buy a sealed envelope with a random pair of seats. Anyone else know more?