tickets vs montreal hard to find

i went to ticketmaster today to tryin get 2 tickets in section 132...she says sold out...then she searches 111..sold out..then she just goes thu the list of sections and can't find 2 tickets seated beside eachother for most every section....and same story for the 200's

while this sucks for me, its good that a game might finally be over 30,000 this season.

i think alot of people were holding off ( like me ) to see how the argos looked against the ticats last sat.

That's weird, d_g, cuz I just checked at about 5:45pm on Monday, and they have a pair in the 200-level around the 20-30 yd line. Might not be where you're looking for, but at least its a pair together.

They may sell a lot of tickets but attendance is a different story.

It depends on whether the scalpers unload their tickets.

I'll be at the game, btw.

i went back today to tryin get the tickets in section 133 that i passed on yesterday...GONE...theres really only singles left in the 100 level, and not much better in the 200s.

so i got 130's, which suck, and payed the same as i would for 132...this blows.

Yeah the best thing to do when going to an Argo game is to wait until after the kickoff and find a scalper who still has tix, they'll be nervous by that time and probably sell the tix for half of what they paid for them, sometimes even less.

Scalpers usually have the crappy Dominion tickets that are 100 level near the ends. Those seats suck.

the argos season opener, i took my younger cousin to introduce him to the CFL...i found out him and his younger brother are goin to the game tomorrow...haha, my plan worked!

excellent , and B.C. had a great crowd as well. :thup:

thanks for the great news :thup:

See you there some where. :thup:

ALLEN , only needs 89 passing yards to pass the 70,000 mark! :thup:

Great , what section? I will be in 224 A with my wife [end zone , across from the TRON]

It should be the best crowd so far.
Montreal is a great draw :thup:

Allen only needs 89 passing yards to pass the 70,000 mark! :thup:


too many pops last night.

70,000 is right!

30,000+ at the Dome and the T.V. ratings should be HUGE!

i kinda like it when the dome is closed...its REALLY LOUD IN THERE

altho they should open it a crack b4 the game to let the smoke out from the fireworks....

It was piss raining when the game got underway!

i got in there late, and it wasnt raining.

i think i would know if i got wet walkin from my parking spot to the dome.

Yeah especially with Eric England waiving his arms and pumping up the crowd!

I was in 129 btw.

i was 130

there seemed to be lot of Als fans in 129...but they were mostly quiet, with nothing to cheer about.