Tickets to high

I made a threat earlier about early bird season being to high witch they were, but I still dont understand why single game tickets or so dam expensive, now I understand how much other tickets for other sports are in Vancouver, but for the lions the only decently priced tickets are middle of the end zones witch every man and his dogs hates, witch the game day atmosphere isnt the best at bc place, people only like 15 to 15 yard line seats but at $80 to $100 after taxes that’s a joke, I mean after taxes the highest should be $70, now I have heard the lions pay alot of money to play at BCplace because the company that runs that place is a money grab, but when the sevens rugby played that, they had 40,000 open seats with the endzone on the top tear blocked off, i just dont understand if making the price best for the fans and offer almost double the amount of great seats witch will draw more people with having a better team. That they just dont try that, the lions will never sell out the lower bowl, only for a grey cup or if handed the tickets out, I just want to see a team in a 2million plus population area have good turnout, when there’s 30,000 or more the atmosphere is way better, but they never will with the ticket prices at what they are