Tickets to Game on 23rd?!

Hey guys, I'm really in need of some tickets to the roughrider game this coming sunday! If any of you guys have them, post something here... and tell me cause I REALLY need some! Thanks guys, and this game should be one of the best...

Contact the rider ticket office. I know the bus trip I am going on, just released a couple of tickets since a couple of us that are going already have tickets and did not need the ones they had. I think this happened on saturday, so those are probably gobbled up already

Just keep trying, and I can gaurentee that there will be scalpers before the game. I see the same old man trying to sell tickets before everygame.

I know... we have 4 tickets right now.. but there is around 20 of us going up, and depending on Scalpers is pretty risky... So I'm just trying to get my hands on at least 15 before actually heading up there...or else we'll have some fans not in the stadium... and probably in a bar.. watching the game... drunk or something, which still isn't that bad, but it's way better if your in the game getting drunk... I mean... at the game... watching it... and rockin' on.