Tickets Sold as of 3:30pm 22,840

I can't believe there are still tickets available. This game should be a complete sell out people. Everyone cry's and complains that we're no good the past few years now we're good and we can't sell out.....

22,840 only 6,760 more to go.



Now at 23,144 sold and counting. I think it will be a sell-out.

now up to 23,464

24,084 now

Now it's 24,08

I considered heading to Hamilton for the game, but WestJet has become a rip off artist. $149 to fly to Hamilton and $680 to return. Bastards!

The way it`s going this game could possibly be sold out tomorrow!! :thup:

Fly there, then hitch a ride back home with a trucker! :lol:

It is no wonder the owner is floating the idea of moving the team.

Pay day has arrived folks - I can only imagine how many they may sell on ticketmaster after the store closes tonight.

The team isn't going anywhere you guys got to relax a bit we'll have a nice noisy crowd :thup:

Why the concern? This game is going to be sold out in six days.

ok, here I go....only because these attendance threads have been wayyyy overdone by a certain FEW. Why do people with actual insight/depth/attachment to Hamilton/faith/etc. not post to these attendance threads with their perceived shortcomings of this and that? Why so insecure about how we compare with other teams or cities in attendance figures? I had no doubt this game would be sold out the second we whipped the BB. But does a sold out game identify this team? No? I've been to games with less than 20,000 fans that sounded like 30,000 fans. My point is that we are Hamilton, we have a long history of not being the Toronto Maple Leaf fan type. We will not be masochist fans who buy tickets no matter what. We are real fans. We will support our team when they deserve it and we will stay away in droves when they don't. We demand changes and we influence. Man, I wish actual fans across N.A. would practice that more. Then we wouldn't have the mediocrity that we have in the NHL and NFL created through expansion sold to Billionaires who lose truckloads just to say they owned this and that. Long live the Cats and the CFL.

great post synthcat

While I hope the Tiger-Cats as an organization can be on more stable footing like the Leafs without the Leaf futility, I completely agree with your assessment of what the Tiger-Cats and their fans are about...

When the stadium is full with 30,000 this Sunday and we're roaring on our defence, we all know which 19,000 are actually making the noise.

Wow. That’s a lot of talk. The reality is a city of 500,000 people haven’t purchased 25,000 tickets yet. That means 0.05% of Hamiltonians think the Tiger Cats playoff game is a worth while thing to do Sunday afternoon.

Ockham there are not many cities if any that have 1% of there population that goes to a football game don't get your logic

Well there are 4 of us coming from here.. Can't wait ,, it will be so much fun..Go Ticats Go!!!

Not everybody has 30+ bucks lying around (Endzone seats are gone pretty fast so I'll start at reds) or if theyre parents, multiply that number by a few kids)

I'll be there, but I'm not going to blame people for not coming out if they can't.

I dont understand the big deal here, about 4 thousand tickets were sold today, I think its fair to say another 4k can and will be sold in the next couple days to sell it out, all this talk and trash about how we should have magically sold out an hour after stores opened on monday morning is baloney.

I'd like to know what percentage of the population you feel should be attending the game? 10? 20? 50?

So fly to Hamilton and then walk home.

Bob Young moving the team????????????? Don't think so. He will never do that. He saved this team. I can see him selling it after awhile but he will NEVER move it.