Tickets selling fast

i called the Cats store for 4 tickets and they dont have anything left in the lower bowl. had to go to the uppers for 4 in a row.

get em while they're Hot

should've bought season tickets. :lol:

:thup: Looks like under 1000 Tickets left :rockin:

I looked at Montreal tickets for their game this Sunday and there has to be 15,000 seats available still :thdn: Brutal :thdn: They won’t even come close to a sell out :thdn:

i do :thup: . wanted 4 extra for freinds

Although they're selling fast there are still plenty left and lots of groups in the lower level of 4, 8, 12 etc.

hey king10 can you post a picture of Montreal tickets ?


they told me there was no more. the buggers just wanted to sell off the expensive ones first grrrr :x

Call them back, I think the discounted ones were only in certain area

It isn't pretty.

The seats on the left side were removed and replaced with a beer patio area. So capacity is around 23500 now instead of 25 000. Thats why none of those seats are for sale.

Gotta think they missed the boat on ticket pricing. And to think the Als used to sell 40 000 playoff tickets at the Big O. Whats going on?

The last 3 EF at the Big Owe:

2012 - 50,112
2010 - 58,021
2009 - 53,792

What about the last ESF in Montreal ?

the last Eastern Semi-Final (2011) in Montreal attracted 33,051 spectators.

Big difference

Price matters, why not watch at home on a big screen. The "hipster" young people will probably only spend money on the "big 4 majors" to feel they belong in the "bigs" and have their ego stroked as important human beings in their controlled mind. CFL is different, it's where the true fans come, no being a "hipster" saying you are a CFL fan, but with that comes non "hipster" prices that are more in line with true fans for a non "major" league. Price it right, really. Price it for the real "non major" fans.

I mean while Percival Molson stadium is in a superb location, a lot are just benches and only teams like the Packers can get away with benches and high prices I would think. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with benches but don't charge me an arm and a leg for a bench seat. Whatever league.


There needs to be some seats and standing for $20-$25 bucks, no more, in whatever stadium IMHO. That's close to a case of weekly beer when you think about it.

it should be, as one is a Semi-Final playoff game whereas the others are Eastern Finals with the winning team advancing to the Grey Cup.

ESF/EF attendance discrepancies would be expected in any CFL city with larger stadiums that hold 50-60,000 in seating.

It will sell out fans just need a day or 2 to get over their humiliation at the hands of the TiCats lol

Semi finals have always been a hard sell , this year in Montreal with only a week's notice , it is tough to sell tickets in advance , two years ago TO might have had 15K , Sask had 20 K plus last year , even Edm this year who have not had a playoff game for some time have Sask coming in , one would think they would draw 40k , but looking at ticket master I doubt they will get much over 30 K on Sunday .............But the good new is , Hamilton will be a sell out, plus plus plus , Calgary will probably sell out but right now still have a quite a few thousand fringe tickets to sell .

The G.C this year will be a challenge to sell out , they have so overpriced the nose bleed tickets in the corners that very few are interested in paying such greedy prices , thus, several thousand are still available ............ the G.C committee has no one to blame but themselves for that one.

I may be wrong but don't the season ticket holders have first dibs for at least 48 hours? If true, some may open up. Perhaps someone can confirm.