HEy there Vancouver tickets are selling a lot better for the WF, all though i won't be there attending the seahawks game i hope they get 50.000, infact a buddy of mine who works at the lions office said if they keep this pace up selling close to 3,000 a day they should realistacly get between 47- 50,000 .I guess it realy helps who is playing, good for you vancouver for stepping up.

Go lions

Go seahawks

If you like the NFL so much why don't you just move to Seattle after all it is SEATTLE's team not BC's or Vancouver's.

At the rate they're going now is amazing actually because the tickets don't usually start moving until the western semi is finished and they know who we're playing. This is looking very much like its gonna sellout. Keep 'em comin' everyone.

The only new part they've opened up is the Upper deck on the Visitors side but they have not yet released the $ 29 end zone tickets. That will depend on demand.

30,000 as of this morning as reported in the Vancouver Province.

If you read wht the website say's nad i do know as i have resorces in the bc lions office that is in correct,it is closer to 32,000 as of about an hour ago.

If you have resources in the Lions office, why arent you going to the game? Notty, notty. And for the guy who says Seattle is not Vancouvers team, you are correct, up till the time Grey cups over, after that we should pull for them,lol.

Its hard enough to follow the Vancouver Giants already, after the playoffs its all Giants, i don't care if its a different sport, its the same dam city.
I have no alliance with Seattle teams. Once BC Lions are over football season is over.

I can not sit through an entire NFL game, i have tried and tried and tried but they're sooooo boring. Its so americanized for their low intelligence due to lack of education, not my style.

TM now selling Sec 36 & 46 on upper deck - these are in the corners behind the goal lines on Lions side of field. Visitor side selling between Sec 12 & 16 (between 30 yard lines)... things are moving nicely.