Tickets Sat vs Eskimos

Well I was planning on going with a group of freinds but as always we are disorganized and can’t get our crap togeather until the last minute. If anyone knows anyone who is selling any tickets, single ticket, 2 tickets whatever please send me a message or reply to this post and I will get back to you asap.

Possibly the last game I could see at Taylor Feild (thats right its not mosaic feild despite what is plastered on the building) since I am moving to Kamloops in just over a week.

Anyhelp would be awesome!!


I believe the game is sold out, which sucks for you guys, but also means you can likely watch it on TV as they'll lift the blackout.

It is sold out, yet as of yesterday were still selling singles...????

I dunno I checked the riderville site, stubhub, and called the tix office before posting this.

[url=] ... &sid1=8501[/url]

Well (the official Rider online ticket seller) had some tickets yesterday even after the announcement, but today they are all gone, but they still show some for Labour Day!