tickets sales do not look good foe july 18th, game

Got mine (7-11). Endzone, Row M. Fun times.

Although, with the clerk at the first 7-11 I went to, they won't sell any. She didn't have a clue what I was talking about when I asked for tickets. I showed her the sign on the window and she still drew a complete blank. I showed her the drawer they usually keep them in but she still couldn't find them. So I moved on.

Not great for sales.

yeah that does n ot help when the place you nare trying to buy them from has no clue.

Safeway was so much hassels what so ever.and they use to sell out all the time because they had so much more respect, and proffesilisim.

Yesterdays win will definetly help.

just heard know on cknw that they now want 50,000 this is turning into a joke, i do not think the lions office knows what they want.

or no even what they are doing.

you expect people to fork over $ 64 to sit up on the Upper Level to watch two fourth place teams on a hot Friday night?

i don't think so.

i say also say that if the lions do not hit 40,000 by tuesday night which it looks like they are not even close, then they are not going to come near a sellout or even 45-50 k.

i think if the lions do not even hit 45k the lions office is going to feel very bad and of course the media will blame ot on the fan's for not showing up. i still think that this tribute should have been done out side today downtown some were, were they would have had thousands of people show up on a beautifull day,now all the talk is going to be weather they can put 50 k or abouve in bc place, and blame us if it does not get there.

weree this game is about a tribut to bob ackles not attendance.

I too was surprised to hear a couple times during the broadcast about "a packed BC Place" next Friday.

WHY such a bold statement based on no facts?

Mr. Ackles is an icon in this province but there is no way a tribute is going to generate additional 25,000 in ticket sales.

At this time of the year they could have had a free memorial service at BC Place and you still wouldn't see 60,000 show up. And that doesn't mean thousands of people aren't impacted by the loss of Mr. Ackles or appreciate what he has done for football in this province.

And the Lions are going about it the right way. We're not going to see ads in the paper saying "Bob Ackles Tribute Night" "Free buttons to every fan!"

His passing and the July 18 tribute has been front and centre in the papers and on TV in the past week.

People will make their own decision about coming to the game. But the last thing I want to see is "a disappointing crowd of only 38,000" turned up to pay their respects to Bob Ackles"

The crowd count for one hot summer night in July can not measure what he has meant to the BC Lions and their fans.

i still think the lions office has a plan to get 50,00 plus in the dome friday night, and if you listend yeaturday to moj and yesturday to the sports buisness show at 8-10am they all said there is going to be a packed house, and i would think that exspecally the buisness show would have thiere facts right, i do not think they would say that if they knew there was not a chance that could happen, so something is going mon that the fan's do not know, because you know what is going to turn fan's off completely of this team is not them losing but the media and office saying there is going to be a packed house when only 38,000 show up it is going to make them stupid , unprefessinal, and make them look like they did not know what they were doing, and most of all Make Bob Ackles work that he has done all these years, look like it did not work. and i would not be suprissed if they lose a few fan's over this,one thing bob ackles was good at was telling you the truth, if there was only going to be 20,000 showing uo he would tell you that. So if the media and the lions oofice is reading this please do not make up some story that Bc Place is going to be full just trying to get fan's to buy tickets, just be honest with us and let us know what is going on, if we are going to get 35,000 that is ok just let us know, but do not promise us anything you can not keep.

...well put...I would rather be around 25,000 fans who knew what Bob did and the type of man he was than 50,000 people who half of which complained that the beer line ups were too long...

...quality BC fans will supercede quantity BC fans any day of the week....

Yeah because normal people plan their lives around the passing of football icons. get your head outta yer butt. OMG we have to cancel our vacation because so and so passed away. Dont get me wrong, its a terrible loss but the only people who should ever plan their lives around someone in the public eye who passes away are friends and family. To suggest everyone should cancel any plans they may have had for that day is borderline stalker.

What gets me is that dupsdell posts every hour about the attendance and every game he says "we arent going to sell X amount of tickets" and every time the lions meet reasonable goals. What is up what that and why does Dupsdell have the worst spelling I have ever seen? Dude seriously, get a spell checker! This chicken little crap regarding attendance is tiring.

I'm going to be there regardless. Doesn't matter if it's not a big crowd.

LOL I couldn’t have said it better!

you guy's know that selling tickets on a weekend is very hard people are out of town,

nobody is at the bc lions office . even during the last 4 western finals tickets did not move that fast on weekends, it was during the wee only, so i am predicting that if the lions can get 40.000 by tuesday night or wed morning they have a chance to hit 50,000. i still think we are going to get very close to 50,000. as as for my spelling , keep your coments to your self,.

Oh for crying out loud WutLolZatu, what the hell is wrong with you? What is this crapp about rearranging a vacation around a football game?

You wanna go on your bludie vacation then go!

What are you saying that people will be on vacation during every Lions game? What do people in this town do all the time, vacation 24 hours?

I'm saying the city should have enough sports fans to be able to sell out the dome. Hell Vancouver is a big enough city, is it not?

Hell we're supposedly big enough for a Madonna concert and the Olympics!

And dupsdell can keep on supplying attendance updates as much as he wants cause you certainly ain't going to get those updates out of anyone at Lionbackers.

The Lionbackers would be satisfied if only 500 people showed up.

i totaly agree with you have to remember gameseven that most people in lionbackers were stupid enough to waste thier mony on this team when nobody cared, oh yeah that's right they were the only ones in the stadium.

Smoebody has to put up a stink about how bad the attedanc eis going to this friday unless people step up, oh i also forgot that going away on holidays nothing rong with it in fact if i was going away this weekened i probebly would go to the game either, but who new bobby Ackles was going to pass away, so my plans would change, it is like being invited to his pyblic funeral for $27,00 and seeing ae too.i would go would not miss this for the world, so all you real lions fan's out there, step up and start buying tickets becaise i tell you if it looks empty in there(and yes 30,000 people in there does look empy, remember it is a 60,000 seat stadium)
Because nobody steped up to buy tickets i guarantee you it is going to make the organization bush league, you think if somebody like Pat Quinn has been Gm of the Canucks say for 30 years and then all of a sudden he passed away, you do not think they would sell oyt gm place? of course they would in a harft beat, or even bc place for that matter, the problem with this city is too many people tnhink minor league, when we should be think big league. and yes the lions are big league but ;lets act like big league fans and jam that building on friday.;

Thanks dupsdell, Yes it is time for people to stand up and highlight how important attendance is.

Remember that the CFL is a gate driven league (most revenue comes from ticket sales) unlike the NFL which is a TV revenue driven league and why they have a salary cap of 116 million versus 4 million in the CFL.

Yes of course there will be some on vacation or have alternate plans. But not 30,000 people.

It is significant that there be a sell out crowd for this event, otherwise it makes the team look bushleague.

Hell what are they going to do, have a tribute to the man in front of 30,000 blue empty seats and expect that to be a big deal and to go over well?

The ones on Lionbackers would cheer loudly for the Lions if they were 0-18. That's their perogative. I'm not necessarily blaming them for that, but they shouldn't be so hostile to those who feel attendance is important.

i agree even 50,000 would be respectable.

But people in this town do not get when it comes to something this important, it is not like this is the WF or soemthing were it could happen every year or having 45 k- 50 k is great for a game like that this a football icon who has not only saved our francize but has also the respect and love of the football world , so it is not like we are paying tribute To Adam Rita or something this is somebody who desrves a sell out.

It is almost like Wayne Greskey Passing away same kind on magnitude.but for football.