tickets sales do not look good foe july 18th, game

ticket sales do not look good for july 18th, game so far i know we have all next week too, but the rate they are going we are only going to get around 33,000 that is a insult to Bob Ackles, and his Memory,

We should get at least 40,000

i have mine , spend the $27,00 and get it going.

i can’t go im in hawaii, if i was here i would get tickets

What is it with people on forums counting tickets as if it equates with honouring the memory of Bobby Ackles. Vancouver is known as a late ticket buying town and a huge walk up crowd.

It would be great if the dome were full but let’s be real the number of tickets sold is no way a reflection on how people across North America will remember Bobby Ackles.

all ia msaying is that tickets are slw thats all, and yes it probebly will spped up , we are not known for a walk up croed anymore on gameday as those 24,500 season ticket holders do not buy tickets at the stadium anymore on game day, so the gameday walk up crowed is not there anymroe , but what i do agree with is this city and province is a late ticket buying public for some reason so i would be more thatn happy to see 40,000 there, but it might not so that is ok too. I think if the lions win tonight there will be close to that next friday if they lose, well it is going to be a tough sell.

Even though the lions looked great tonight i mean great even better than last year, i still think we are only going to get around 35-40 k for bobby ackles night becuae this team had on great game we will see what happends later and until that the lions are going to suffer at the gate.

I wish the team 1040 and cknw would stop saying that they want to sell this game out on friday it is not going tpo happen look at ticket master latley, i do not even think there is 30,000 sold, unles the gods of ticketmaster comes down and forces the hand of the non football fan to buy tickets this is not going to happen, so please stop saying that there could be a sell out or even 50,000 it is not going to happen.

i also think when the radio stations are begging the fan's to come out, is not a good thing either, also the weather is suppose to be very warm that day up 27 degrees, so that would also keep a lot of people away too.

what a slap in the face to Bob

it is not a slap in the face to bob, i am just saying it as it is.

tickets are only 5 rows up on the upper level, I can't believe this

Madonna's Vancouver show has sold 51,000 tickets for between 100 and 350 each, not including the thousands of dollars people are paying scalpers and on craigslist.

Just shows you what the "Money" in this town is dedicated to.

that is true and it is too bad because they is going to be all this hype of the tribute game friday and they are lucky if they hit 40,000. as i can see on thier ticketmaster anyway, but i hope i am wrong, i hope we can at least get 50,000 but i do not think that is going to happen,.

I will be there as i am a season ticket holder.

Picking up tickets for my son and I today.

I suggest anyone who's ever been a fan of this team do so as well.

Because a very special man is being honored and we owe it to him to put our butts in the seats.

way to go debralynn8197

We should all following your example


I noticed that in the lowerbowl that the endzones are the onlything left, and in the upper deck it is starting to get into the double i say they probebly have

around 31,ooo sold so all they have to do is sell another 28,000 tickets in the next 6 day's hahahaha

i think they probebly will surpass 40,000 but that is it.

they're not moving fast at all, actually at a snails pace. They're only up to Row EE at centerfield and they have both end zones to fill

they are moving faster then yesturday, you could not even see the double digites they were all single digets.

Hey guys you realize that is in the middle of a beautiful summer in Vancouver right? I say getting anywhere near 40k on days like this when many are on vacation is really damn impressive so Im not sure where you get your concerns from. And yeah, walk up is still a fair portion of the attendance. Some people simply decide last minute to go to a game and thats fine. Dont say its non existant because thats not true. It may be a bit lower that day but Ill bet its due to the reasons above not seasons ticket sales lol. Oh and as far as Madonna goes give your head a shake. How often does she come? How many tickets does she sell in Vancouver in 1 year? How many do the lions sell in one year? lets put it perspective chicken little. If the Lions only played 1 home game every year or 2 or whatever how many tickets do you think they would sell? lol. You guys need to put more thought into this.

well tell thr radio stations that, even tsn say's they are going to pack the place and not even give that excusse it is in the middle of summer, this guy is a football icon,
if this was the mid 80's you would not beable to get a ticket, if they do not sell it out then the organization have nothing yo blame buy themselves.

In the pre-Ackles and Buono days it was rare if I could find someone to go with me (my wife stopped coming) and I was always offering my second season ticket for free but that didn't always work so I'd go by myself most of the time. We lost an entire age group of possible football fans in this city who are now parents with kids and who follow hockey or the NFL over the CFL.

I read this in an artical on the cfl from vancouver here

i do not agree with this, i think the lost generation is back in a big way, yeah the NFL is hudge in this country, but the generation of fan's are back.

lions averging 34,000 a game yeah i say they are back.