Tickets Question

can anyone give me an idea where section 24 row R tickets are? Ticats use to have this nice Seating Chart which would let you see where you were.


Worse come's to worse, go to the help station or w/e it's called (slipped my mind) at IWS and ask. They'll give you specific direction's on how to get there.

Honestly I have no clue, im just posting because im section 24 row BB.

8) Section 24 is on the south side stands. Row R is near the top of that section.
 They are pretty good seats.  Depending on what your seat numbers are, it should be between the 10
  and 25 yd lines  !!!

It up Pretty High in The South Stands

Thanks....they are seat 26 and 27. I got them from kijiji for $100

8) You're welcome !!! Seat 26 and 27 should be around the 15 yd line !!
 You will have a good view from there  !!  

 Enjoy yourself !!! <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

steven, go to the main page, click on tickets and scroll down to seating chart.