Tickets Proceeds going to charity

I was at the Danny Mac tribute dinner last night. The team announced that the money received from every ticket purchased from 12:00 midnight thursday to game time will be going to Danny's favourite charities.

Wow! 100%?

Wow! 100%?
That's what was announced.

Great to hear! Another classy move by the organization. I didn't get a chance to attend the dinner but a guy that I work with went with his wife and he said that it was fantastic. Lets hope that there is a big walk up crowd to help out the charities even more.

A very nice move by the ti cats :thup:

Hamilton, Ontario – Following the success of last night’s sold-out Danny McManus Charity Dinner in Ancaster, which raised approximately $10,000 for McMaster Children’s Hospital and the Feed The Children Foundation, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced that all proceeds from all tickets sold as of 12:00 a.m on Friday, September 21st right up until kickoff will also be donated to these worthwhile charities.

Great on the Cats and Danny!

I appreciate the getsure but think the Cats should guarantee an amount.
Friday 12:01 a.m. until game time is walk up only.
Season ticket holders paid and bought last year.
After the way we have (under)performed how many walk ups will you expect?

$10 000 was already raised with the dinner. I would think they already have.

This is a very classy move. Well Done.

Walk up for a Friday night game in this weather should be pretty good. Especially since they're honouring Danny. Either way it's a very nice thing to do. Nice job.

Well now I found this:



Toronto - Fans can enjoy a football game and raise money for the SickKids
Foundation simultaneously this Sunday, September 23 as the Argos take on the
first in the East Winnipeg Blue Bombers at 4:00 p.m. at Rogers Centre. The
Toronto Argonauts will donate more than 50% of the ticket price in the
designated Sick Kids sections directly back to its Foundation. Members of
the public can purchase tickets in these sections by following the link to
Ticketmaster off the homepage at

Interesting....I'd have some negative things to say but if copying helps charity, you cant complain.

My feelings about the blue team are no secret, but I do have to say they do a tremendous amount of charity work and I respect that.