Tickets playoff rosyer

1 it looks like addison is ready to go. Do we dress 5 import receivers and start 4 or start 5.
Do we not dress Dunbar or acklin
I suggest we dress all 5 but only start 4 and bring guys in and out
Don Jackson had an off game but we need to keep him in there
3 I hope ciraco is reAdy to play

  1. Who will play corner ..stribling. , Lawrence or franke w
    My guess is Lawrence
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Never really been a fan of a backup American WR. Having a healthy Burt may have been the plan to offset this.

You have to dress Acklin, so I guess Dunbar would be the odd man out.

I liked P. White on returns and don't think it should be Banks unless it's the old "put him back there once in a while" thing.