Tickets observations

  1. Why do we not being back highly touted QB J'mar Smith and give him a shot. Watford is a 3rd QB at best and will not be a #1

  2. We are never going to win the Grey Cup with this offensive fact , getting into the playoffs might start to become a concern with the west cross over and we know Montreal will play better

Using the guard spot to play marginal import yarbrough is a huge mistake. Van Zeyl is likely over the hill now and not the saviour. We need to trade for a good national guard and bring in some import Tackles. Maybe Derek Dennis or NFL cuts. Gibbon and Okafor have been disappointments. This oline even with a healthy van Zeyl has no chance vs WPG or SASK . Why did they cut Tevon Tate after only 1 game . he knows the offense and has been around during 2019 Grey cup year on the practice roster.

  1. STE is not a starter in the league at RB . We need to adjust the ratio to remove Yarbrough with a national and bring in some NFL CUT Rb's. In the meanwhile start Don Jackson or Wes Hills at RB.
    We threw the the ball like 95% of the time at Toronto. You have to establish a run game to win in the CFL.

The Defence is fine really no big issues.
Punter Whitford has been good but injured
national placekicker domaglia is not reliable .
You can t miss pats and keep your job especially in critical times of the game

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I was under the impression there was no crossover this year

2021 crossover - yes or no? I was wondering that too. Does anybody out there know the right answer?

I thought because of the reduced ,unbalanced schedule it wasnt happening

I just did an extensive search on the web and could not find any definitive response to that question. Then again, I may have missed it. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the CFL.i thought I saw that before the season.i apologize if I was wrong

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The only mention of the playoffs prior to the season was the league saying that they have negotiated the right to have 8 teams make the playoffs if it was warranted. I have to think this will happen because of the money problems

This thread is a tease. I'm still eagerly awaiting observations on tickets.



I miss the old printed tickets. We would go down to Ivor Wynne to pick them up and you could hang out on the field with players, grab a burger or hot dog, tour the press box and so on. The tickets were usually presented as a nice souvenir package. Beautifully done.


Personally, I've always felt that tickets are an effective way both to collect revenue for an event, and to organize the seating arrangement at said event. That's been my observation.

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That's a good observation. However, during poor attendance turnouts at Ivor Wynne fans would sometimes slide over to the 55 yard line from their 20 yard line season tickets. Thereby depriving the team of the proper revenue and altering the proper seating arrangement.

Ask me how I know? :sunglasses:


kinda like the fans that buy the second row from the top of the stadium, east side, and stand in the concourse :wink:


Anybody looking for 2 tickets for tomorrow’s game? Two for sale, top row first bowl, section 106.

You’re going to miss your chance to say you were there for the start of the Watford Era


Haha. Can’t make it tonight, wish I could. I think and hope we may be pleasantly suprised by our new Quarterbacks performance tonight. He looked good in his brief appearance last game.

I agree 100 %

I thought QB J'mar Smith asked out.
He would be starting his 1st game tonight if he was still here.

Not sure what you have against STE. He has been great when healthy.
Career rushing average 6.1 yards/carry and 10.8 yards/reception.
A young Mike Pringle would have difficulty running behind this line.

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Maybe he took too long on that TD run through half the TOR defence last week. A bit less zigging and zagging, and we’ve got an extra second on the clock.