tickets not selling fast (like some has predicted)

just checking ticket master, tickets do not seem to be selling that fast at all for the calgary game.

shouldent the lions first sell a certian amount of tickets first befor opening up more sections. like over 30,000 or something like that, it is going to be very imbarrasing to them if they can not get 35,000 .

I'd be more embarrassed about misspelling "embarrassing"....

jm, Mr. Negative posts every week trolling about attendance. :roll: :roll: Just tell him to go watch his Canucks or Sea Hawks.

Oh, Did I mention, Mr. Negative is usually wrong every week? :lol: :lol: :lol:

not this time

Thats what you thought every other week you clown. give it a rest.

this isn’t 2 years ago attendance isn’t going to rise 1,000 a game it’ll be around 32,000 until the last few games or the playoff’s. stop trolling. and no, I don’t think they can get up to 50,000 a game football just isn’t that big in Vancouver

that is what i an saying football is that big not the cfl, only the nfl.

JM stop trolling and go back to the cheap seats with the rest of your rider clowns.

uh don't know this dupsdell guy, obviously, or you'd rethink calling me a troll.....

And if he knew this guy calls himself a lions fan he would kick himself for defending him

Yeah. I think that losing Burris will hurt the walk up crowd , making the game less exciting.., did you see him play the last time they met, he was like superman. I don't think they stand much of a chance unless the Lions decide to take the night off. But I don't get this dudes obsession with attendance, I'm a season ticket holder for many years and these past few years have been the best.I don't care about numbers.

I think that someone has switched the letters around on dupsdells key board. Maybe he should skip going to a seahawks game one weekend and take the money and buy a new computer. Also I agree with the Goldmember post they would have a big crowd for the West Final if Sask makes it that far

I think with a stadium that big it only makes sense.

Fill the seats in certain sections first. It makes it look far better on TV when the fans are sitting together and not a bunch of gaps in between.

tickets do not seem to be going that fast, unless things pick up i think there is not going to be anybody sitting in those new sections.

Not sure if you have ever been to the Dome but its not a very good atmosphere , the Anouncer stinks, the sound quality is lousy and to buy any food,drinks,beer will take you at least 30min .and forget about using your debit card cause it never works and then you will have to share the ATM with the other 30k fans, cause nobody has the $100 cash to pay for 2 beers hotdog, and peanuts and when you finally get to order, the person behind the counter can’t understand a word of English.
Are the other stadiums around the league the same way?

i have been there and the dome is too big first of all and i have never had a problen with concesions, you think bc place is bad try fenway park in boston they are realy slow.

the only thing like i said is that stadium needs to be about 45,000 seats that would be perfect with the crowds they get know.

Actually I think 35,000 capacity would be ideal as it would force even more people to buy season tickets to secure seats.

Then once and for all we could have an end to attendance threads.

Do you think it's just a coincidence the Whitecaps stadium proposal is being dragged through red tape while the future of B.C. Place is still being weighed?

I like the dome and those who wish its demise aren't thinking too strategically or logically.

As a long time fan/season ticket holder for years and years but going since 1955, I learned this about the dome haters:

Most don't go to games. I do.
Most critics don't realize that that is all the government will need to knock it down post Olympics is say what the dumb fans say.
They think some sugar daddy is coming along like the Whitecaps owner to build them a new one in their neighbourhood.
They don't realize in a smaller capacity venue you will get higher ticket prices and fewer bums in seats.

As my mom always said, be careful what you wish for.

i do agree with that having a smaller stadium will have to charge more money at the gate like instead of $30.00 for the endzones they would probebly charge $40.00 exspecally if the demand was high, and before you know it it will start to become canuck prices.

The Whitecaps stadium is going to hold 17-20 thousand fans to start off with, with the possibility of adding another 10,000 seats later on. At 30,000 you can kiss hosting another Grey Cup EVER goodbye. It would be an absolute disgrace. The Lions need to phone the Metrodome in Minneapolis to find out who constructed that huge tarp they hang from the ceilings in the upper deck outfield seats and then install one of those in the upper deck end zone bleachers. That would lower the amounts of empty seats up there, and with some clever tarping could reduce the actual seats available for purchase to 40-45 thousand.