Tickets look cool!

I love this year's tickets!

All the pictures are great, and I love the artsy affect!

(The Dyakowski one made me laugh as I thought it almost looked like he's trying to bust a move. :rockin: )

Nice job!

These would be nice to buy as a sheet to hang on the wall of a rec room.

Every time we put players on the Tickets a Cruse happened to those players.

every time you post on this board, you put down players, coaches, GM's, team presidents, and team owners.

Maybe YOU are the curse?

Maybe he meant a cruise happened to them, if so, can I get my picture on a ticket?

I never said Anything about the Caretaker..
Coaches, GM's, team presidents are Fair Game.
Bob Saved this team from being gone
I will never anything about Bob Young
He is a Saint in my Eyes and I thank him every time I see him

My mistake re: you complaining about Bob.

Still, why is everything doom-and-gloom about this team?

Ticket pics?

This year's season ticket packaging and coupon book is far superior to the past. It's more polished and looks like professionals put them together.

I will agree with that .

I'm glad we found something to agree upon Tom. I look forward to October when we'll hopefully agree the TiCats are the favourite to win the Grey Cup.

Everytime ?.....Could you share the list ?

Thanks 8)

Anyone have a picture? I haven't got mine yet.