I know it's a bit of a long shot however, always worth a try. My brother and I are looking to go to the game tonight and can't seem to find tickets any where. Does anybody on here have some available, or know any reliable 'ahem' scalpers 'ahem'

Please help a fellow fan out.
Oskee Wee Wee

At the game Saturday there where several individuals who where wiling to exchange tickets for your money in various locations outside the stadium. Try looking on Kijiji as well.

they'll have about 50 to 100 tickets for sale early at the box office (they did last saturday as well). these tickets are the ones usually reserved for players' family and friend but not claimed. they dont go on sale to the general public until hours before the game

Try calling the Ticats directly, 905-547-CATS, ask for a ticket rep.

Thanks for all suggestions. Got them and we'll see you guys there.