Tickets for the Semi with Me and 3rd

Hey guys. I bought 6 tickets to the Semi final game on the 13th and I have an extra 2. Since I like getting guys together for fun on various boards I figured, if one (or two) of you guys are interested in coming to the game with myself and 3rd & 10, let me know.

The tickets are in the middle of the endzone, about 5 rows up. REASON: We have a good chance of catching a feild goal or extra point ball! Well, also they are cheaper :wink: $35 a ticket but you have to buy me a beer as a tip :smiley: (I figure I’d try)

PS: I hope your okay with that 3rd and 10… sorry I didn’t ask first but I figured we think the same anyways.

Nice move Marty ! If i could i would jump on the offer and join you guys. Maybe next year, so have fun !

I agree with the concept of inviting our fellow friends Marty... I just don't totally agree with the seats you bought. Middle of the end zone at the Big O... Didn't you learn from the October 22nd lesson?

Oh, and by the way, remember those missed field goals we thought were good and weren't?... Well I saw the replay on TV and they were FAR from being good. We just had seats that sucked and would see anything but the Argos touchdowns.

I agree.

But to have decent seats we need to be in the gold section at the big O and those seats are $75 each! For a Semi game, F-that!

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I'm keeping my money for the Jersey auction :smiley:

I'm gladly satisfied with my seats in section 113, row Q...and they are only 5 $ more for season ticket holder than the regular price that I pay at McGill....

Id definitely be interested I havent been to an als game in years and itll be nice to be around other als fans i know so few as is

you in for sure? 1 or both tickets? Anybody else? going once...

Im in for sure for one ticket just let me know where to be and when

Cool. I just got them today... Seems I bought 8 and not 6 tickets!!! LOL!

So I guess I have a few more available :wink:There's always ebay :smiley:

Hey Guys (and 3rd :wink: )

I still have 2 (and possibly a 3rd) ticket to unload!

I really want to drop by the tailgate early so I don`t feel like having to go sell my 2 tickets and miss out.


What size crowd are you guys expecting anyways?

Al's were saying today 28 K I expect around 32K...with walk on...

Marty, did you get a ball....I saw one that was pretty close.....

Yeah TOO close!! The kid in front of 3rd got it!

YEAH 3rd can`t even beat out a 12 year old kid for a ball!! LOL!!!!

just kidding 3rd :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the first convert headed straight for my arms. But people get crazy when they feel they have a chance at grabbing something free, so two people dived in front of me (I really thought the girl would break a bone). The ball ended up in the kid's hand. Had it been his father, I would have beaten the crap outta him... But a kid... I told him "Just wait till you turn 18. I'll be there, watching your every moves, waiting for the perfect moment to strike..."

I was sitting two seasts away from you and you said nothing even close I believe your exact words were "thats a good sign"

lol... Don't believe everything I write in here. Like I would threaten a kid... really !

Hey, how come you never said you were mada7 while we were there? You were introduced to me by your first name, so I wasn't even sure if you were a Huddlite or not.

I tend to get a little shyer in public than I am online that my french was a lot worse than everyone elses

Well, that wouldn't have been a problem. Having met us here, you do know we speak english too. Anyways, you should never be shy to know little in a second langage for so many people hardly knows their mother langage.

I like that last bit you said. I made these plans thinking that the you marty and hte other guys from the site spoke english because you speak english here and post in the english general site. EVeryone was speaking a french I just couldnt follow nad I learned french for 13 years I just never learned street french which is what everyone was tlaking. But next game Ill definitely speak more seeing as I know you guys now