Tickets for the preseason game

Just found out my nephew and his fiancé from Ottawa are going to be in the Hammer on Monday. I didn’t take advantage of the additional ticket opportunity because I didn’t know they were going to be here. Any chance some of you fellow season tickets holders have extra tickets, thanks.

Just looking at Ticketmaster. There are 3 pairs that are still available. 2 in section 218 and a pair in section 212.

Hope that helps!


if you are still looking send me a message. I only have one demand though. I wont sell to fans that sit on their hands during the game. best be making some noise :rockin:

Since the nephew and fiancé are from Ottawa, perhaps they might be cheering for the 'wrong' team? :oops:

Actually, they are a couple who are relocating to Hamilton. they have never been football fans but last year I took them to two games (including the eastern final) and they had the best time. I think they will eventually become season ticket holders. They are just the kind of new CFL fans we need, young and excited about living in the Hammer. I just thought if anyone had free tickets that they were not using, it would be better to have two loud cheering fans than empty seats.

Tigereye PM me I can help you out with the tickets you need.

I'm sorry for thinking they might cheer for the evil Ottawa team (actually in comparison they are not as bad as the blew team - at least until they win there first game against us (5 or 6 years from now :wink: )).

:rockin: :rockin: