tickets for Sundays game in Montreal

For those argo fans who want to come down and watch Sunday's game, I have 2 tickets in Section K2 Row Nine, high uo near the Goal line...they are a lot better than the end zone seats usually held for visiting teams.

Because of a mistake on my part, I am stuck with these tickets and will sell them to any argo fan at cost..which is 96.00 for BOTH.

I don't want to make any money on this. Everytime that Ive come to the Rogers Centre, Ive been well treated so I want to help out any Argo fan cause its VERY difficult to get tickets here.

PM me if intrested.

Darn it, I already got tix for the endzone you speak off. Am I gonna have a crappy view or what? I'm sure I will have fun, see you there!

Crappy? No, but endzone is endzone