Tickets for Stamps Eskie re-match not available to Stamps fa

In a move, very confusing to most CFL media scribes, the Edmonton Eskimos have announced that there are no “General Admission Tickets? or Walk up Tickets available for the Friday Labour day Re-match between the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos. Eskimos Director Rick Lelacheur told Global news last night , “That after the Season Ticket holders, the rest of the seats that usually go on-sale will be donated to Edmonton area schools to use.? When asked why this sudden generosity to the Schools, Lelacheur admitted “ The cost of security, to police the drunken hooligans from Calgary who make the trip was more than double the cost of giving the tickets away to School Children.? Global Calgary was unable to get a comment from the Calgary organization.

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Sporty I hear some old guy in BC bought them all and is handing them out is this true!

How many would you like? :lol: :lol: :lol:

How about sixty of them. So I can donate them to kids that may never get a chance to see a game.

Let me guess which holiday is your favourite, Sporty… :lol:

BTW, can I get two? :smiley:

Your seats are next to RW2005's! :wink: