Tickets for Saturday

I saw that the ticats insider was offering tickets to the game on saturday through argos ticketing and that the seats were for the “Vantage PLus section”? I cannot find on the rogers centre website or the argo website what the heck the vantage plus area is? For all I know it could be the worst seats in the stadium… anyone have any info to clarify?

I've got two for Saturday's game at cost.

Section 231 Row 11.

PM me is you want them.


I called TicketMaster and spoke to a rep named Chauntel. She'd never heard of it. She checked football, baseball and events and there isn't an area with that name. She suggested that perhaps it's a box or a section purchased by a company for that game, and they're calling it the Vantage Plus section?

Please let me know where you found out about that section if you need more help.

the Ref

it was emailed to us through the ticats

Its there, at least during the preseason it was there...

Not too sure where it was tho.

Ticketmaster may not be aware of the discount to Ti-cat fans, the e-mail (ticats insider)suggested contacting the Argos ticket office directly.

Ticats Insiders have the opportunity to purchase seats in the Vantage Plus section of the Rogers Centre for $15 (regular price: $25) by calling (416) 341-ARGO and asking for John or Tyler. Once you have John or Tyler on the phone, mention that "we're looking to beat the Argos three straight" to receive your Ticats Insider discount.

I believe there is someone out there that is getting tickets for the fifth level for a good price. We have tickets on the second level and bus ride there and back for $40. if you phone this morning. pat_cat :? :?

I am staying home Watching The Game on my 50" HDTV

Got mine!

:thup: :rockin:

Can't wait to be verbally abused by the Double Blue fans! :twisted:

Vantage Plus is the 500 level between the 40's

I've got two for Saturday's game. $28 each Sec 231 Row 11 Seats 1 and 2.

Let me know if you want them at cost. I can't make it.