Tickets for Sale

Oct 22, BC vs Winipeg
Nov 5, BC vs Saskatchwan

4 Tickets together, Section 4L2 (Lower Bowl), Row N (5th Row), Seats 104-107

Im moving to the island and cant go :frowning:

$30/seat (obo) brother and a couple of sask-born cousins might take those nov. 5 ducats off your hands, I left a message with him (12:51 MST) and will get back to you on it when I hear from him........

sounds good… just post when you know whats up…

cheers probs, probably won't be til at least tonight as he works to 5 your time and I'm heading to the Calgary/Ottawa game tonight, if you find a buyer in the meantime go for it but I'll get back to you one way or another... cuz never got back to me so I'd say it's a no go for him.....

no worries... ive got tixs to the nucks game that night, so im forsure out of commision.. lemme know if you know anyone who might be interested.