Tickets for Playoff game; when on sale?


Which is why my sons company has plenty! :wink:

on Oct 29 last year the WF ticket sales at this time were at 24,000

Here is how the WF ticket sales went last year at this time:

Oct 29 24,000
Oct 31 28,000
Nov 2 30,000
Nov 4 32,000
Nov 5 no pairs left in lower bowl
Nov 6 Upper End Zone opened @ 35,000
Nov 7 39,000
Nov 8 40,000
Nov 9 42,000
Nov 10 ~ 47 - 50,000

tickets aren't moving right now cause they've only opened up the side on the Lions side. If they want to sell 50,000 then open up 2/3 of the Upper Bowl.

People wanna buy tickets but they're not gonna move unless more Sections are opened up. Tons of sections are still closed off. I don't know why the Lions don't show more initiative here.

they have opened opend up the visitors side in the upper deck my cousin just bought 3 up thier today, in sec 12 level 4, he phoned ticketmaster, and the only ones he could get were up in the nose bleeder isl jj

beauty! Let's keep this run going! End Zones next !