Tickets for Playoff game; when on sale?

I found a Press Release from the Lions in 2005 where they started selling Playoff tickets even before they knew whether they’d finish First or Second.

I hope they will try to get a head start this time. When are they going on sale this year?

Being a season tickets holder, I have already ordered mine. Hopefully I can make it back from N. Alberta to get to the game.

Already ordered mine too... can't wait.

available to Season Ticket holders only or general public?

120db ,season ticket holders only. i got mine too.

but they should be putting them on sale to the public know, i do not know what there hold up is.

the Lions office says it will be next week after Saskatchewan secures Second place

that gives 4 weeks to sell out the dome

And probably because the Lions haven't locked up first yet

they hadn't yet in 2005 when they still put them on sale....

They will lock it up soon, barring a complete melt down.

Playoff tickets on sale at 12 noon today (Friday) through the Insider (subscribe through Lions website), otherwise 12 noon Monday for general public regardless of today's result

Hello everyone. Anyone know how or if it is possible to get presale tickets for the western final?

you can get them on line go to presale and type in, orange

CA $29.00 - CA $74.00

CA $31.00 - CA $74.00

Internet Onsale Info
Onsale to General Public:
Mon, 10/29/07 12:00 PM

good to see the Upper Level End Zones will be 29 rather than the 40 in 2004. May get us closer to the mid 50,000s or so...


I got my tickets today. I was dissapointed with the selection of tickets remaining. I thought i bought my tickets early but i could still only get in the coners. Section 22. I wanted 3 tickets together but thats the best we could get. I also tried searching for 2 tickets and one single.the two tickets together came up with no better results but the single was a great seat but we elected to sit together. Just remember its a great game from wherever you sit and GET YOUR TICKETS FAST!. Im very excited to have a huge crowd for the big game. GO LIONS

just wait till tommorow (Monday) at 12 noon when the floodgates open; keep in mind most people don't know what the password is to get tickets now. It's "orange"

my understanding is they've opened the 50,000 configuration, all seats up for grabs except the ones under the tarps

The seating chart that I saw on TM showed the full lower bowl and the sidelines only in the upper bowl. My guess is once those fill up they'll open the upper bowl east endzone.

I think this is a smart move... last year they opened the home side of the upper deck and the east endzone and then after a week or so they opened the visitor side. Better to sell the best seats to those who purchase first.

Solution: get seasons tickets and then you'll always have great seats for playoffs (and Grey Cups when they're here).

tickets on sale now… here we go…

Holy crap... I just tried to get four tickets and the best ticketmaster is offering is in section 24 which are the 7-Eleven seats. A lot of categories seemed sold out for that many seats.

Have they already sold that many?

we're already up into the nosebleeds in Sec 36 and it's not even dinner time yet