Tickets for Next Year! Additional 10%!!!!

I just got a call from my new ticket rep, Brian, and he told me that ticket prices aren't going up for next year and in addition to the 25% off, if you pay by Jan 23, you get an additional 10% off.

That is 35% off for next year!!!!!! Invoices will be detailed and sent out shortly!!!!!!!!!!!

That sounds great! :thup:

A schedule out early may help sales too. :wink: hint, hint...nudge, nudge

Good to hear.
Let's hope this exercise in rational thought trickles throughout the organization.

And, I so hope the fans respond -- though its only going to get tougher. I just miss those days of a near-full stadium every game.

I received my season ticket renewal package today. If I pay by January 23 (which I will), I save almost $170 from what I paid last year.

From another thread...

I got my 2009 Season ticket renewal mailing today Dec. 4 2008.

I feel like a bandit.

Silver level 2009 season ticket.....................$380.00

2008 Playoff Guarantee Credit.....................$ 74.35

2008 Playoff Game Credit @ payment.............$34.20 [pre-paid last season]

Bonus: paid-in-full by Jan 23 2009 >10% off

Total Due if paid-in-full by Jan 23 2009...........$233.45

Paid for my tickets last night. Can't wait for the season to start.

Its nice to see the Ticats doing it right! They're offering some great deals for 2009!