Tickets for Game vs. Als in Montreal, July 31, 2008

Because of bad planning on my part, I actually have 2 extra tickets to the Als vs. Ticats game on July 31 at Molson Stadium.

I know that most of the Cat fans who come to Montreal end up sitting in the endzones which can be fun but lets face it you dont see a heck of a lot at the opposite end.

These tickets are in section K2, high up and aren't bad seats as the sightlines at Molson are pretty good.

Im NOT looking to make money. The face value on the tickets is 48$ per ticket and thats what Ill take.

I will be at the June 26th opener at IWS, if you like I can deliver the tickets then. If it makes you feel better, Im probably going to take the money and buy a Printers Jersey!!!!

Let me know guys!

I PMd you as well, I'll take them.