Tickets for Friday

Anyone on here have any of those vouchers for cheap tickets for Fridays game in Toronto, or know of any place I can get them?

you can still get seats in the Cats Claws Bus Trip! Should be a great trip, especially if they play the way they did yesterday - Argos are beatable!

Anyone know what section the Cats Claws Bus Trip seats are in??? I'm coming from Oshawa, so the bus package is not good for me. (and I don't want to sit with Argo fans like last game at Rogers!!)

last game me and my buddy bought cheap tickets off some guy down there, and then just moved around all game. I think we sat in 3 different sections it was great. So it doesn't really matter where your seats are there will be plenty of room to move.

Especially after posting a 3-12 record.