Tickets for Elvis

Jerry Glanville used to leave 2 tickets for Elvis when he was coaching in the NFL. Has he left 2 tickets for Elvis for every home game at Tim Horton field ?

is Elvis Stojko a ticat fan?

If Elvis was still alive he would likely get stuck at the border on his way to get game.

Cause of border guards, or him carrying a fire arm or simply being too fat!

Didn't you ever see Men In Black? "Elvis didn't die, he went home."

Well.. I hope you guys don't ruin this...but I have entered the last two games picking up tickets at the box office, by simply saying..."I'm here to get my tickets, I'm Elvis."

Great seats too.

Must be a fuzzy ID shot on your driver’s licence? ;D

LOL . Here's you tickets Mr Presley . Enjoy the game . ;D

Wow Bobo, well done you got His birthdate right, i dont think he would look like that now!
But plastic surgery and lipo could do wonders, i suppose.

Well Thank ya , thank ya very much 8)Now let's get that Oski-Wee-Wee thing going !!! ;D