tickets for argo game?

Does anyone know how ticket sales are selling for Saturdays game against the ticats?

no clue...i got 2 just to see the damon allen ceremony...god knows i didnt pay to see a game involving the ticats..haha

I know but it would be great to see over 30k there.

there will be because of damon allen

but a matchup against the ticats may have scared some away..not the dream matchup it used to be.

I think the Ti-Cats are due for an upset. Frankly, a win against anyone would be an upset right now for them. :cowboy:

I just got my tickets!

500 level, 50-yard line for $25.

My third game of the season.

ive been to all argo home games, except the one against winnipeg...$25 for 500 section?

i paid $28 for 200 section.

could u post some pics in the argo forum, so i can see the view from the 500's?....this is my first time sitting in the 200's.


Click on the stadium diagram:

But not all 500-level seats are enabled in that diagram; specifically, the ones that are currently covered by the banners in the north and south end zone areas (and ironically, this is where my 2007 GC seats are located).

As for the $25 for a pair of 500-levels, he must've taken special advantage of that Damon Allen promo for the game where they're selling those nosebleeds for $9.99/seat.

thanks..thats a great tool.

I think so too!