Tickets are flyin out the window Cats fans!!!

Behind the Cats bench yesterday, just after the game, there must have been almost half still available. Now look at it..... amazing...... keep it up, pass on the word, bring your mother, father, sister, brother... tell all your friends on facebook that you'll buy them a ticket.. I want to see more Cats fans than Aggroll fans!!! Go Cats Go!!!

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At this rate, they will have to open the 500 level, thx for the upate, i just bought 2 more, before there all gone :thup:

What is also interesting is that the Ticats side is virtually sold out (at least the 100 level) but seats still exist on the Argo side of the field

Excitement builds over dream East final between Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

In the Argos’ boardroom, a decision will ultimately have to be made on whether to open up the 500 level at Rogers Centre.

“That’s the debate we’re having right now,’’ said Argos executive chairman and CEO Chris Rudge. “We don’t do it unless the lower bowl is basically sold out. We’re moving in that direction.?

Rudge revealed that 2,000 tickets for this Sunday’s East final were sold in the immediate aftermath of Hamilton’s overtime win against Montreal in the divisional semifinal.

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Lets keep it up guys! Lets paint that stadium black and gold, lets make Rider nation jealous and make the Argos shake in their booties!


Ticats fans are going to have to start taking the tickets on the Argos side, this is gona be Awesome :twisted:

How sweet would it be for the CFL and for this game if we could sell out the skydome for the EDF???


That's Great, I hope they open the upper deck and get a great crowd the two best teams in the East deserve it and what a match up Tiger-Cats and Argo's and Great for the CFL, make lots of noise Tiger-Cat fans, It's Time to Pump up our Tiger-Cats in the Roger's Centre!!


Got my ticket. section 134. Can't wait. Lower bowl is pretty scarce for tickets except for a few singles and doubles which is anwesome. The 200's have a few tickets left.

What would be great is if they do open the upper bowl, the tickets would be cheaper for people not wanting to make the immediate jump on $45 plus ticket and get more fans to the game.

Holy F**K I was waiting for a bunch of people to confirm yesterday and now if we want 7 in a row were sitting in the corner...

Looking at ticketmaster now, and there seems to be all kinds available mid field 2nd level with at least 7 in a row, sec 235 or 236

We wanted the 100 level so we could walk around, I just grabbed them in 134 D. Im amazed at how many seats got sold on the ticats side in the last day, it should be an amazing atmosphere on Sunday.

I got my ten.
Platinums in Section 235.
There were only single golds left on the Ti-cat side this morning.
Wow, this game is going to be epic. Just like the old days...

OPEN THE 500 LEVEL PLEASE!!!!! 1st, Cats fans want to sit behind our team bench and are close to being sold out (NOT the argo bench). 2nd, the 200 level is pricey and a 500 level price tag would fair better for a lot of people.
Sell all 500 level seats for $20 and watch them fly out the door...

Those should be great seats and $77 isn't a horrible price for them.

Has anyone talked to a ticket rep and asked them about the 500 level? I was on the phone with one this morning but didn't even think to ask about it.

Has anyone talked to a ticket rep and asked them about the 500 level? I was on the phone with one this morning but didn't even think to ask about it.
Im gonna call right now!!!! Thanks

Quite right M. $77 was the deal if I got ten. Not sure I have ten people going yet, but they were $100 each if I didn't get ten so...

I asked about the 500 level when I called around 10:45 this morning and it wasn't open at that point anyway.

Im gonna call right now!!!! Thanks
Just spoke with an Argo rep, friendly until I told her I'm a Cats fan...... :roll: When I asked about the 500 level, she said the only way that's gonna happen is if someone were to buy a large group of tickets.... I said thanks and she just hung up on me... nice!!

Did you already buy them for $100? If not let me know and Ill tell you who to call at the Argos and he can get them for $77.

Platinum $77
Gold $66
Silver $47.50
Bronze $29
Blue $22

Just got notified by a friend that it seems section 134 a and b are "family sections". No mention of it on ticketmaster where we purchased tickets, but it's making me worried. Anyone have any info on it?