Tickets 2 for 1

Nice oppertunity here ...i'm a season ticket older and can not make tonights game.
Would like for someone, besides a scalper who likes Football to benefit on theses tickets
Gold Section E1 Row 24 seats 4 and 5 face value 200$ (94 each plus taxe )
i'm willing to let them go for 50% of value 100$ for Both ... or give me a call 514 213 7818!


Wish I still lived in Montreal -- I'd have been happy to take you up on this offer! Sadly, I live in the city of pure evil (aka Toronto). :wink: Good luck selling your tickets!

There is some good in Toronto: The sign that says Montreal 550 km. :wink:



Tickets have been Sold !!!
Enjoy the game ...

Good to see where your head and heart still lie :wink:

:lol: Reminds me of the movie "Good Cop Bad Cop" and the scene at the sign on the border of Quebec/Ontario when the movie starts.