Last Wednesday I decided to take two of my kids to Fridays game and logged onto the tickemaster link. I was looking for 3 tickets in the Family zone and was told there was none availble, I then tried $25.00 tickets same thing. I again tried the internet Friday moring and still could not find 3 seats together. Anyway I called ticketmaster expecting to be told no luck. However I had no problems getting 3 tickets in the family zone.

What I am wondering is how many other people try the internet for tickets to be told there are none available in their requested price range. While if you call you have no trouble. If i did not call a potential sale would have been lost. (However they way Friday went, it would not have been to bad from my view)

go to the boxoffice, ticat store or call them. ticketmaster is a ripoff and useless majority of the time.

The only problem with Ti-cat stores, is they do not do phone orders.If you call to get availability they say they cannot help you, only customers that are physically present in the store.In there on game day,and the phone rang off the wall as the staff person was trying to deal with in-store customers. Box office is good nut only open GAME DAY!!

To be honest I like that!
The is nothing more annoying than being in a store, cash in hand and you cant get any service because they are too busy serving people who may or may not spend any money!

first come first serve sorry about your luck

Which is the way it should be.
Nothing annoys me more than a clerk at the counter who is helping me , stops to answer the phone.
I was here first %#@!^&*(# !!!!!