Is there anyone else frustrated with Ticketmaster? I have been trying to purchase tickets to the Argo's playoff game vs Winnipeg,(wink! wink!), with no luck.

We need tickets in the wheelchair accesible sections and this can only be done by phone. So far I have made four attempts of over 10 minutes each without talking to an agent. Not sure about you guys but I am willing to wait for only so long before I hang the phone up. Some companies at least give you the courtesy of telling you how much longer you can expect to wait.

This is by far the poorest experience I have had with Ticketmaster.

ticketmaster is becoming more of a joke everyday because their is no other company to compete with them so they have no reason to give you good service.

Have you tried calling the Argonauts directly... They can get the tickets for you 416-341-ARGO.

Should be a good game!