Ticketmaster/Stub-Hub question/concern

I was looking at ticket availability for the September 29th game earlier today, and I had Ticketmaster and Stub-Hub open. I was looking for West end tickets. I noticed that Section 202 Row 3 seats 6-17 were available at Ticketmaster ( Not Resale ) for $62 and at the same time available at Stub Hub for $25 US plus fees.
How can they both be available on both sites at the same time? I thought Stub-Hub was re-sale only.

Interesting. Wouldn't surprise me if the team was quietly dumping tickets on Stubhub at a slightly discounted rate.

IIRC, TicketMaster OWNS StubHub...

fyi same thing happened for last Saturdays game. A friend purchased 2 tix on stub hub for a total of 66US for both. we quickly checked ticketmaster and the exact same seats were beong sold for 79 cdn each. So essentially factoring exchange got the stub hub tx for half of what was showing on txmstr

Don't think so. I think eBay owns StubHub. But MLB struck a deal with them for last minute resale.

The Jays also took heat for taking a cut of StubHub sales.

The Ticats could have possibly reached a deal with them.

Yep, highly likely. If they're having trouble selling seats, "dumping" them on StubHub with some sort of back-door agreement like the Jays is very possible. As some people have said before, they make more money when people are in the door and buying food/beer/merchandise than just the price of the ticket. Cut their losses on the ticket price and sell there, make it look like they're not undercutting themselves.