Ticketmaster.ca Sucks

i've bought most of my bombers tickets throught the website but for the renegades game i couldn't find tickets that satisfied me. so i went to my local ticket master agent and not only could choose what section i wanted but what row and which seats. this means that through the years i've been taking seats that i didn't want to bad because the site thoght they were better than what i wanted. i'm never using ticketmaster.ca again

umm duh! You should always call the ticketmaster agent first before hand, i used to work at a ticketmaster and we had tickets that were not able to be sold online, usually the good ones, aka mid field.

know that i know that i'm never using the website again. plus i have to make the trip to the agent anyways to pick up my ticket. unless i want to get to the game a couple hours early to pickmy tickts up at the stadium