Ticketmaster again?????

So i just got my renewal notice for my season ticekts,

I am going ot be the jerk that starts this debate again.

I certainly hope they are not just crappy spit out of the machine ticket master tickets. Show some appreciation for all fans especially the ones coming back year after year to support the team. After raising Prices again this year i hope to see a nice package like every other team received last year. Hopefully the team is already planning this, Maybe this is why our seats went up and Toronto's didn't ???? I really do to want to hear any crap about spending the money on on field talent, that backfired last year.

Actually toronto did raise their prices. They tried to raise a few areas by over $100 a ticket. But obvously fans complained and they backtracked. Every business has to raise prices. Especially one at the bottom of the average ticket price.

Oh yeah...I dont care what my tickets look like. I hate when people compare what other teams do but never illustrate what good things the ticats do. Heres one...Traditions Club - I saved hundreds of dollars with the Traditions Club and still am. Why dont the Agros do that?

is that the tradition of paying to see a crappy team miss the playoffs year after year?

no, the argos don't take part in that tradition.

I agree with Reverend, I like the special tickets for Season Ticket Holders. They're collectibles in themselves. Unfortunately the Ticats can't use the 'better on-field talent' excuse this year, because they're good intentions last year didn't work out. It's only fair that if they charge 'only 2 bucks' more per ticket, a small part of that goes towards producing nicer tickets.

Ultimately they probably won't, because it's not something that will offer them returns. At best, two or three people in the whole stadium will make their decision to renew or not based on whether the tickets are nice or not. However it's the little things that help a fan feel appreciated so in the long run I think the extra money spent here pays off.

whoknows is right, the Argos did raise prices in 'premium seating areas' that is basically aimed at the corporate crowd. Two of the areas are right on the field itself, but the third area, 2nd level in the south endzone, has a large contingent of season ticket holders who have been there for many years. When these fans protested the 89% increase to their prices, the Argos incredibly listened and rescinded the increase, for past season ticket holders.

As a fan of the CFL I want to see all clubs do well, and I hope most Ticat STH's resubscribe, but one comment.... I'm not sure how 'average season ticket holder price' works, noone can unless they know the number of seats sold at each price for each club, but the Ticats prices are on PAR or HIGHER than almost every other CFL club except for Montreal, for obvious reasons. They are NOT one of the 'lowest' as far as prices go.

maybe the ticket prices went up by $2 to pay for printing of nicer, more professional looking tickets?....

if not, then i have NO CLUE why the ticats felt they could get away with raising ticket prices after last year.

No you're not. It was already started two days ago here:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=13955]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... ic&t=13955[/url]