ticket ticker

i think i remember seeing at one point last year a sort-of counter for ticket sales....i think this would be cool to add to the site.........just to put it up somewhere so people can see how many tickets approximately are left for the next home game........

yes...excellent idea

i like it,

I called yesterday and the SO at Limeridge couldn't talk to me because he had a line up for tickets. The Roar store at Jackson was busy as well. There will be 29000 people there for this exhibition game. I tried to get some extra tickets in Box A(EH) and they had nothing close to us. There is never anyone close to us!!!

The ticker is a great idea I think people who log on regularly will see that IW is the place to be on game day. Also it helps to see if we want extra tickets that we will need to get them before game day. Not always easy when you live out of town.(not paying ticket master no service charge)

One reason i dont think the team would want a ticket up there, is because when the ticket counter gets closer to a sell out, people dont think there are good seats left… (if 1000 of 30,000 are left, how many can be GOOD?) Even though we know IWS has great sightlines, im sure its the reason you constantly hear “lots of good seats still available”