Ticket selling fast for the Lions game vs Riders

Just was looking at the ticketmaster sight and its almost down to single tickets only for the lower bowl. Watching the Lions tickets sales from weeks previous even the 30,000+ Ti-CATS game wasn't near this much two weeks before. Like not even close at all.

Chance for 40,000 or more for this big game, even more so with a win over Winnipeg?

Either way looking like at least 35,000 for that game which would be pretty solid but maybe we top Saskatchewans 39,000+?

Just checked it again two days later. One of the upper bowl sections are down to nearly single seats but not quite single seats.

The rest is all about halfway through most sections or around so for the upper bowl. I think when the regular ticket crowd starts buying tickets the upper bowl should be down to single seats on the one side as well.

I also see that they've opened up a few more sections than what they normally have open for any of the earlier games this season.

Single tickets only for lower bowl.

Great posts, guys. It's an embarrassment that we can't put more bums in the seats for CFL, especially in cities the size of Toronto and Vancouver. In contrast, Saskatchewan fans really showed up recently, averaging over 40,000 in Mosaic for their last four home games. In BC the Lions are still paying the price for not marketing to kids and teenagers for a generation, from the late eighties until the early 2000s.C'mon people, get your butts out to BE Place and enjoy the Saskatchewan game on October 4th! Be the 13th man and make a difference for your team.

This game is extra big, because BC can win the season series against the Riders with a win. That could help secure a home playoff game, which would mean a lot of extra $$$ going to the organization. But first we need to avoid a letdown, take care of business and defeat a Bomber team with a terrific defense.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Would love to be at the game but unfortunately I work on Fridays.

That was my problem last season, I worked Fridays at that time and its tough to go. Unfortunately I understand they have to cater to the Friday night Football crowd and most people are available Friday nights, but not any of us working at all the open stores you see on your way to the game.

That could be something worth looking into. In the past not many people worked nights like they did in the 70's like they do now when everyone demands things be open late and stuff like that. something to think about

I am going to miss probably the biggest loudest crowed at a lions game regular season in about 5-6 years I will be working in Boston of all places, but I am off work at 10 pm eastern so will try to watch online or listen.


Yeah keep repping the Lions abroad. GO LIONS GO

Just checked again. The lower half of every upper bowl section is nearly soldout and two sections in the upper bowl are nearly soldout now as opposed to yesterday.

Selling faster than when I first posted. This could pass 40,000.

Fantastic! This is one game I'm ssssso looking forward to, especially after seeing MTL just beat SSK. It there was ever a time to do a number on SSK it will be in B.C. Place on October 04. I hope they reach 45,000+

Good news! The Lions have now seen enough demand to open up even more sections. Around 4-6 new sections are now open in the upper bowl covering half of the endzone now. These sections were not available this afternoon when I last checked.

What is the seating capacity of the lower bowl? Does anyone know?

I think the seating capacity in the lower bowl should be around 24-26k.

I really hope they crack 40,000, but I don't think they will. There was a few times in years past where they hit 38k, but just can't seem to hit the magic 40. Regardless, it should be a doozy and I'm excited to lose my voice.

Here is what david braily said sept 30th

1130 am sports twitter

owner David Braley says 32,000 tickets sold for Friday’s huge tilt with Sask. Braley thinks he can get over 40,000 sold.

So this was sept 30th on Monday 32.000 sold so I would say they is probably 34,000 sold as of today any were from 36-37 thousand by game time

I'll tell you right now! If the Lions don't draw 40,000+ fans for a game as important as this one coming up and a game that will be incredibly hard fought down to the wire something is seriously wrong. Anyone who has been following the Lions knows what is on the line and what the ramifications are. SSK is out to pound the Lions into oblivion. They were beaten by our second string QB and in a way that sent chills down everyone's spine. The Roughriders were 31 seconds away from victory. They were not robbed. They were out played.

A victory for the Lions and it means 5 straight losses for the Riders. A victory for the Lions and Lions share top spot in the West or they have a solid position in second spot. A win for the Lions and it will be DeMarco's 3rd straight win as back up QB. This guy is looking better and better each time he comes out on the field. A win for the Lions and they take the series. This will be very significant when it comes down to who will be hosting a playoff game.

I think the number Almo was reporting is the Whitecaps capacity which Is differen than the lions games.

It used to be 29,000+ in the old setup, it now holds just over 27,000+ in the new setup just in the lower bowl, and about the same up top, slightly more to make the 54,500 capacity

Sections 440, 441, 442, 444 through 451, 437 through 439, 432-436 are all nearly soldout or no less than 75% sold.

The rest are all half sold except for 428 and 429 that are only a quarter sold.

I would say at least 10,000 have sold in the upper bowl as another couple sections are down to nearly sold out vs yesterday.

There are roughly 13-14,000 seats available in the upper bowl right now so this would be roughly around where they've sold so far.

That would mean that we should be sitting at about 37,000 right now with one more day to go and a walkup crowd still to be counted.

I've noticed that walk up crowds aren't as big as they use to be. Seems like most people get their tickets early now. Back in the day when the crowds were small, the walk ups seem to be a bit bigger.

You're right about that. My dad was a season tickets holder early on and I think he said it used to be like 7,000 then it went down to like 3,000, which I find still happens but 1,000 walkup seems to be the norm now more so.

I also noticed another section in the upper bowl is now nearly soldout. Definitely some more tickets selling today. I would bet that we are pretty much at 37,000 now for sure.

Does anybody know what the final attendance was?

Attendance: 37,312