Ticket sales

Does anyone know how many tickets are expected for tomorrows game against the ti-cats?

They say that they are expecting around 40,000+

I will believe that when I see it.

anyone know how many were at the BC lions game last nite?....usually its in some news articles, but nothing.

Yeah, I was looking for that too.

Well, they got just over 26,000.

Disappointing I should think.

A shame for Argo fans really, cuz Wynn and Williams played well and were fun to watch.

There's a lot of talk about how big the crowds will be at Argo games, but I'm not seeing it. I heard the boasts of over 40,000 to the home opener, but 26,000 is lower than what they averaged last year. And despite claims of 30,000+ at the pre-season game, the announced attendance was just over 21000.

I think the Argos put a lot of their faith in the tickets that Ricky Williams would sell...and now they're discovering that he's not selling so many. They should have spent less time hyping Williams and more time promoting their team.

When Williams returns to the NFL next year, the Argos could be in big trouble.

Agree the hype about Ricky and the anticipated crowds have so far not panned out.
However, BigDave you have to remember last year we had the first game crowd over 30,000 and overall year average at 32,000. To compare this to where we were the years before these new owners, well is no comparison.
So I am not sure how you would draw the suggestion of possible trouble next year. It would appear each year just like in any sport or team, draws its own challenges. I would anticipate continued growth this and each year and especially with the ownership and management team in place. Of course, the continued growth popularity of the CFL and especially in this market is taking place.

Sorry, argotom, what I meant to say was "...could be in big trouble." (I've edited it now.)

We know there were people at the game who were there to see Ricky Williams and Ricky Williams alone. The Argos anticipated this, and that's why they signed the guy. They expected this to be the one-year spike in attendance that would drop off next year, though hopefully to a level still higher than last year.

If they had gotten about the same as last year's average, I would be thrilled that the Ricky Williams factor has not paid dividends...more because of what it would say about Canadians' indifference to Ricky than anything else. But the fact that this "spike" is lower than last year's average has me genuinely concerned. Believe me, I'm not like some people who receive pleasure in seeing a dip in the attendance of other clubs.

I'm worried that Argo management relied too heavily on the Ricky Williams factor to sell their tickets, and as a result sacrificed their continued growth for the one-year "fans" who will never darken the door of the Rogers Centre again after the season ends. When those people stop coming out next year, the drop in attendance could put the Argos in a bind.

maybe fans need to see highlights on tsn that dont finish with....argos lose, williams rushes for 7 yards.

maybe, with the win against the cats, and maybe a road win in the peg, fans will pay attention again?...i dunno.

then again, ticket sales were down for everyone ( except montreal ) in week 1...i dont get it....is it because hockey is still going and the world cup?

Well, like Bob Young said, and as I have always said, no team should rely on winning games in order to fill their stadium.

It would be nice if you quoted , MY WHOLE QUOTE. Any it was over 27,000+ not 26,000.

" THEY SAY THAT THEY ARE EXPECTING 40,000. I will believe that when I see it "

THE STAMPS had a 9,000+ drop in attendence.

Again , I was at the game and there was more than 27,000+

We beat HAMILTON with our back up Q.B. :thup:

i was at the game...they had exactly what they say they had...i counted them all myself...lol

but i could tell they had less than last years opener.

I agree with you hellothere, it looked to me and I guessed there were around 33,000. So when I saw the actual tally, it was surprising.
Goes to show you, the new owners like they advertised will be honest and provide the actual sold seats. Not like Paul Godfrey and the Crap Jays who lie threw their teeth with freebies and no shows accounting for the "announced count".

I think the factor(s) no one is taking into consideration is the fact that last season, the Argos were coming off a Grey Cup winning season, and were highly poised to repeat until they fell apart in the East final. Also, with the Boatmen dropping both pre-season contests to the Tabbies, there was less interest in seeing them possibly lose a 3rd straight in as many weeks to them (fortunately, that didn't happen).

The latter possibly might sound far fetched, but remember the attendance drop for the Als in the East Semi last year. If your team isn't performing up to the public's snuff, then attendance numbers are bound to drop in some capacity.